Now Foods™ Sleep

Botanical Sleep Blend




Product Effectiveness:  2/10


Ingredient Quality:   2/10


No Side Effects:   5/10


Price / Value:   4/10


Customer Service: 4/10

Our Review: Now Foods Sleep takes our #4 spot, and we were surprised because Now Foods is a very reputable brand with tons of products for a wide range of health concerns, but this might’ve been their problem. When these giant supplement manufacturers make a product for one specific issue, it’s difficult for them to offer the same attention to detail.


First, the formula uses the traditional capsule delivery method which doesn’t absorb as completely or as quickly as the liquid delivery method. For those who want their sleep formula to work as fast as possible, this will be an issue.


Secondly, they don’t include some very basic and essential sleep nutrients like melatonin, magnesium, and theanine. However, they do have 3 of 5 recommended herbs.


Lastly, they do not have 24-hour customer support and we were unable to find anything about a money-back guarantee.


1. Liquid Delivery: No


2. Recommended Nutrients: 0 of 3


2. Recommended Herbs: 3 of 5


4. Money-Back Guarantee: N/A


5. 24-Hour Customer Support: No


Ingredients: Vitamin C, Valerian Root, Hops, Passionflower, GABA

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